In Super Ness, you help boats...


so you can get pearls...

that can buy you stuff from the shop...

and let you change your style...

but be careful, there's many dangers lurking in these waters...

some not even from this world...


Original version of the game made in 72 hours for the Quad Jam Fall 2019, theme "You are the monster".

Code by @galbix

Art by @alartsf

Music by Asor020

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorsJaun, Alarts
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Cozy, Cute, Endless, Experimental, Physics, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


SuperNess 1.2 (WIN) 30 MB
SuperNess 1.2 (MAC) 31 MB
SuperNess 1.2 (LINUX) 19 MB


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can someone tell me how to destroy the mines and the UFO's??? I cant seem to figure it out T-----T

Make the UFOs suck up mines and they will explode


also idk how to "destroy" a mine

could you tell me how to "destroy" a UFO

LOL its inside the other boat! 


Cheat sheet - be a gentle giant

(Also lift boxes/boats really slowly or you drop them)

Esta muy chido, y tiene referencias muy graciosas

when i destroy five boxes with the big boat i don't get the skin.How do i get it?


Ha ha, lovely game!XD Is it OK my streaming your game on YouTube channel? Kindly let me hear your thoughts:)

Yeah, thats completely fine, I'll love to see it in fact!

I'll be shooting fun vids soonXD Thanks Jaun-san!


i love this so much. cutest game ever 


bro amazing game


How can you get the skin that involves smashing boxes? I tried smashing them by lifting them high in the air and hitting them with the big boat too, but it didn't work.


it doesn't work for me either


I love the game! The art style is amazing, I found my self trying the sink the boats rather than help them!!


Hahaha, you chose the path of evil >:)

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Could you add a mode where you can just do whatever you want?

Also, is this intentional?


You mean like a sandbox mode?

As for the image, yeah, big boats have armour plating so mines are ineffective against them. In reality they shoud probably explode or something like that, but I just thought it was more interesting this way :)

Cool! I found a glitch. A lot of times, no boats would spawn.


really cute game, well done!

Thanks! :)


I love the game for starters i had a couple ideas like maybe hats can have abilities and maybe sometimes sharks try to eat the boats and you have to hurry and pick up the boat before it gets it 

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Hahaha, I love your ideas! Its funny that you mention hats with abilities, as that was something we were planning for the game while making it, but didn't quite make the cut because other things took priority at the time. But who knows, maybe in a new update...? ;)

Thanks for playing!


for such a simple concept, this is genuinely so fun!! super cute too

only thing i can't figure out is how to destroy mines. does getting them abducted by ufos count?



Yeah, you can destroy mines by either getting them abducted by UFOs or simply just... letting them collide with boats (don't tell the boats I told you that).

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Hey, thank you for playing!

There's definitely an idea for a mobile version floating around right now, we still need to figure out a way of adapting the controls to the touchscreen without obscuring the gameplay too much, but I'll say the chances of the port happening are pretty high!

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Hi! I tested your game in my video :) 

It was really really fun (I'll probably replay it later to get all the skins ^^) thanks for making such a cute and fun game :D


Thank you for the video!! :)


I lowkey played this for hours and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Hahaha no need to be! I really enjoyed your gameplay, you're too nice with all the positive comments, thank you for playing!


I like it


I want this on my phone. It's fun and adorable.


Yeah, I would love to make a mobile version, the controls may need some reworking to make it confortable to play, but its very much a possibility!


Cute n adorable! Good control and great head bob. I hope the dino can bark when I use dog head tho haha.


Oh, I love that idea, it might actually come true...


So cute! Nessy controls really well and the object behavior is good. The music is super nice :D

Ah, Im glad you liked it, thank you for the comment!


this game is adorable and well made! I love playing as a friendly monster just trying to help out my boat friends! I also love the mechanic of trying to do so just with my big ol' dino head.


Thank you taking the time to write such a nice comment! We're working on a slightly enhanced version right now, and is good to see people interested in the game.