Expand your empire, adquire knowledge and resources, buildings will take several years to make, so plan your strategy correctly and make you empire thrive with a long lasting civilization!



Mouse only


A game made for the Indie Spain Jam, theme "From 0 to 100"

Code by @galbix

Art by @alartsfg

Music by Coretti

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorsJaun, Alarts
TagsCity Builder, Cute, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Turn-based Strategy


Chibilization 0.18 [WIN] 41 MB
Chibilization 0.18 [MAC] 49 MB
Chibilization 0.18 [LINUX] 41 MB

Development log


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Loved the game ✨
Maybe a tad bit too difficult xD
But nonetheless, for a jam game, wonderful execution, it works and it's fun !

I barely used any of the buildings in the timespan allowed. Just constantly made soldiers and walls to survive and didn't get to explore any other options...

Same it's too difficult. If you want your game to be super challenging that's fine but imo you should put difficulty options. It just makes no sense to me that I can't even choose where to move the soldiers while the buildings are being built

Great game! 

It's unfortunate that it only lasts for a short time. Would like to continue playing.


Very difficult, but interesting strategy game. Well done.

awesome game only just won

Buenas! no soy muy fan de la estrategia! pero el juego parece entretenido! pero como han dicho compañeros abajo creo que le falta informacion, tambien estoy confundido y no se que edificios hacer, la verdad que andaba muy perdido y molaria una musiquita de fondo. Gracias por tu trabajo.

Super cute strategy game!! THough, I'm still confused how to use any buildings aside of walls and barracs

Muy entretenido!
Me lo guardo por si lo continuas, este genero me encanta!

very nice game, I loved the mechanics 

Perfect strategy game!

This game is so cool ! I love it ! 
Its cute and fun ! :D